File Splitter and Joiner


Split and join files in an easy and fast way


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Sure that you have ever downloaded a file and it was divided into different parts. Sometimes we don't know the program that can help us joining thse files and this program called File splitter and joiner can be useful if that happen.

File Splitter and Joiner is an application for Windows which allows you to join automatically the different parts of a file or divide a large file into smaller parts to share them.

It is very easy to use, in fact File Splitter & Joiner can be included in the right click menu and you will be able to divide the file by accessing the program in that right click menu.

If you receive files formatted as .001, .002, .003... you can use File Splitter &Joiner to join them with one click and use the full file as usual.

When you divide a file you can choose the file size of the parts or choose the number of parts. It's easy, choose the file and the way you want it to be divided and File Splitter & Joiner will do the rest.

Finally, you can also encrypt the resultant files to keep the information saved when shared.
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